Success In 2020, A Record Business Year

Our success in 2020 turns out not to be so genius after all. As we all found ourselves in February and March wondering what the next week would bring or what our elected officials would suggest we do as a business, QAI and DocPoint committed to the idea that the pandemic would become a year plus long reality. We realized our clients were not likely to be in their offices and that remote work forces would quickly become the new normal. These types of changes forced us to look sooner rather than later at our own business practices. We realized it would be much more difficult to pick-up material (records & documents) from our client’s facilities or have face to face meetings. Our clients needed us to quickly adapt to providing our solutions and support from a remote standpoint. In the early days of the pandemic the resale side of both companies began to take off and our staff had to quickly learn and conform to all the remote working platforms (i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Google Meet). This immediate commitment to the new realities and our strong partner network allowed us to shift gears quickly. While we are hopeful that we will soon get to see our clients and partners face to face, the current changes to our business will ensure that our clients can continue to move forward and be successful in meeting their mission goals.

Scott Swidersky
Vice President

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