Automating Data Capture through the Use of Advanced Forms Processing and Best Practices

Advanced forms processing, which automates the capture of data from paper documents, employs Optical and Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) and sophisticated data repair technologies to ensure highly efficient, virtually error-free scanning and processing of data, images, and barcodes from structured and unstructured forms of multiple lengths, sizes, and shapes.


QAI’s experienced team can support you with advanced forms design as well as the creation/utilization of extraction techniques to optimize the data capture process.

We can customize solutions to:

  • Create an enterprise-wide information capture solution
  • Allow distributed processing
  • Enable browser-based, key-from-image and field-level data entry
  • Collect data from Internet and electronic forms
  • Validate all data as it is captured
  • Capture data from any source: paper, faxes, scanned images, Internet forms, electronic forms and electronic data streams
  • Handle single-page and multi-page forms
  • Enhance images to improve form identification, recognition results and screen displays
  • Perform fast and accurate form identification without human assistance
  • Read machine print (OCR), handprint (ICR), cursive writing, marks (OMR) and 1D and 2D barcodes (PDF-417)
  • Locate and extract data in either structured or unstructured forms
  • Output data and images in many formats, including XML, PDF, HTML, ASCII, Word and ANSI 837 and 812 (HIPAA compliant)
  • Interface to ODBC-compliant databases and leading workflow, document and content management systems and storage and retrieval applications

Examples of QAI’s Work with Advanced Forms Processing

Note the ability to capture form data inside of paragraphs, signature capture, and multiple column forms capture capabilities. The data captured will be searchable in content management software and can be shared across the enterprise.

State of Maryland:

State of MD Vaccination Advanced Forms Processing with signature capture

Social Security Administration:

Advanced Forms Processing in paragraph context


FEMA Forms capture using advanced forms processing

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