QA Consultancy Has New Leadership

In June, there was a change of leadership with the GLP Consultancy group of Quality Associates, Inc. Thirty four years since founding the company, Paul Swidersky, the founder and former president of Quality Associates has retired. Though it has been gradual and is still an ongoing process, Paul’s duties are transferring to Dan Carey, a long term employee with over 25 years’ experience with QAI.

Prior to taking on this role, Dan was a Senior Consultant, Archivist and Radiation Safety Officer. Dan and Paul frequently worked together on large projects and proposals. Though retired, Paul continues to contribute his industry knowledge and wisdom as a consultant. We wish Paul well in his retirement, but are glad he hasn’t completely disappeared from our team.

No review of the past year would be complete without a COVID-19 pandemic reference. Throughout the pandemic, we were able to come to the office and continue working. We were able to support all of our existing customers while gaining several new ones. Like many, to accomplish much of what we do, we became experts at Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other remote conferencing tools. We also began the process of securing additional space to expand our commercial archive.

Though 2020 was filled with challenges, we were able to continue providing the excellent services our customers have come to expect. We look forward to carrying the momentum from 2020 through 2021 and beyond.

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By: Dan Carey
Director, Quality Associates Consultancy