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Industry Leaders in Content Management

Quality Associates, Inc.’s (QAI) Content Management and Conversion practice specializes in the onsite and offsite secure conversion of documents, and other media, to electronic formats. We offer a full range of paper-to-cloud products and services that include consulting, hardware, software, integration, training and post-implementation support. With well-documented procedures for quality control and an unmatched technical staff, we are able to offer conversion services at many of our national imaging centers. Our state-of-the-art technology service offerings provide you with solutions that prove both cost effective and efficient. Our extensive experience with document conversion, records management, intelligent information management (IIM), systems integration and business process outsourcing (BPO) provides the level of expertise required to meet your organization’s needs. For our Federal Government agencies, we offer you our M-19-21 records modernization services, one of the most comprehensive strategic approaches in the industry.   

Digital Transformation Services

Conversion services are evolving rapidly as you move from on-premise to hybrid and cloud solutions. Documents are ingested from a variety of media sources and then published on intranets, secure portals, company websites, and much more. With our content management solutions, we offer the ability to create and customize Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions to meet your changing needs. Our business analysts help define the business needs to ensure that the conversion solution exceeds expectations.

We are a value-added reseller of document imaging systems and services. Whether you need to connect multi-function devices to cloud systems, map and transfer data from legacy drives, convert paper to digital images that comply with federal (M-19-21) or commercial mandates or utilize data to create dashboards to enable artificial intelligence services, we can design, implement and support a solution that meets both your short-term and long-term needs. Our full range of imaging products and services includes hardware, software, capture applications, integration and training. In addition, you benefit from our strategic relationships with document management and imaging product partners such as: Kofax, Kodak Alaris, ibml, Fujitsu, Microsoft SharePoint, OnBase® and Alfresco by Hyland, Zeutchel, Meckel, and many more.

Digital Transformation Workflow - start with scanning end with digital data

Content Management

Our Content Management services provides consulting and digital process transformation to commercial customers, Federal, State and Local governments, associations, and more. Our full range of services provide a comprehensive approach to transforming paper-based processes into agile, digital processes that provide real-time data and actionable insights for rapid decision making. Using technologies that embrace artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and machine learning, our experienced team helps companies transition to cloud solutions quickly and without sacrificing productivity. 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

In the quest to run a leaner, more efficient business, we know you are looking to move your IT operations to SaaS IT environments. This has led to an increasing demand for our onsite and offsite BPO offerings. In addition to high-volume document conversion, conversion of forms, migration of unstructured and structured data, our team can support check processing and mailroom operations—eliminating the need for staff to process paper-based information. Our consultative services approach helps you streamline existing processes and develop sophisticated workflows that leverage new technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. These new state-of-the-art technologies enable our solutions to learn over time, making processes more efficient. Our agile approach also allows us to introduce new processes quickly and adapt to business changes as they occur. With facilities nationwide, we are able to provide local services to our customers. By combining our BPO services with our multi-function devices your organization can truly transform the way it conducts business domestically and globally.

QAI Records Management Facilities

Our archive facility provides another layer of value-added services for the protection of your assets. We maintain a state-of-the-art archive for temporary and long-term storage of documents and electronic media. Our archive is equipped with FM-200 and an early warning fire detection system. When needed, materials stored in the archive can be immediately accessed per your request.

Section 508 Compliance

QAI provides a wide range of Accessibility and Section 508 compliant document management solutions, through affordable, accessible, and innovative services that meet the latest WCAG 2.0 AA standards. This includes PDF accessibility services designed to maximize document accessibility.


NARA M-19-21 Records Modernization Solutions

M-19-21 does more than identify the targets in M-12-18; it establishes digital and paperless government as the standard moving forward. This initiative is not just a compliance exercise, it is an opportunity to use the directive’s records management requirements to rethink how all information is managed and to automate paper-based processes.

QAI Content Management Services National Practice

At QAI, we pride ourselves at being content experts. We identify your current business challenges and desired outcomes and then design solutions to meet those needs accurately and consistently. Our unmatched technical staff provides you with the confidence that as your domestic or global needs change, our agile solution designs will adapt and evolve to meet those needs. Technology and business needs are changing daily and our systematic business approach helps you to prepare for those changes.

We continually work with customer groups, stakeholders, industry and market experts to teach and demonstrate the most efficient ways to use our solutions and services. This will ensure continuity in your current and future operations.


  • National division with locations across the United States and around the globe

  • Onsite or offsite high-volume conversion services

  • Business process automation consulting

  • Digital process transformation expertise for M-19-21 compliance

  • Migration of legacy content to cloud solutions

  • Digital mailroom automation

  • Design of day-forward solutions incorporating current capture devices

  • Integration of robotic process automation services

  • Optimized artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions

  • Centralized storage in single systems versus multiple legacy systems

  • Comprehensive design, delivery and post support services

  • Centralized project management office for single point of contact

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